Contactless Fusion Biometrics

Contactless biometrics is the ideal solution to prevent risk of pathogen transfer.

We tailor multimodal biometric solutions with global partners.

We offer proven and NIST compliant technology.

You decide and control your data

Your Data is on your smartphone device.

You can access your data with your biometric authentication.

Biometric Vault

One of it’s kind, An unique digital vault designed with you in mind for the digital era.

Combination of Biometrics and passcode for accessing each tier.

Vault is located on your smartphone device.

We are globally accessible to users of
2 billion Biometric enabled devices

Biometric enabled smartphones are growing exponentially. Every aspect of life is at your fingertips on your Mobile device. Our endeavor is to ensure you access digital services securely.

Life made convenient with few clicks

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to Auto-fill forms.

Enhanced Image processing technology.

Predictive Analytics & Intelligent Algorithms.

Mobile app for

  • Identity management
  • Transport Industry
  • Travel Visa services
  • Access management
  • Fintech and e-KYC
  • Hotel Industry
  • Fraud Prevention
  • COVID module

Our disruptive
Technology endeavors are
for the benefit of Humanity